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League Secretary: Kev Larkins

 Phone: 07736 886357

 OR: 07521 982756

 Fax: 02392 984777



 League Treasurer: Graham Barton

 Phone: 07583 983727



Pudds Taxi

Site updated Wednesday 19th May

We are hoping to restart the League in September for the Winter Season,

This is assuming that all Clubs are allowed to fully re-open,

at the moment Clubs can re-open, but under restrictions, and as far as I am Aware

this does not include Teams being able to play Darts, I know like many of you we cannot wait to

get back to our pastime hobby of throwing them pointy things at the round board.


I along with some of you have lost Family and Friends during this Pandemic, and this may be time to

remember those we have lost.



I hope that all Clubs and Pubs that were trading before all this happened, are able to re-open,

and that none have had to shut their doors for good, I send good luck to all the Pub League

and hope that you are also planning on a start date.

Just in case some of you need reminding on how to set up a Dart Board, and the Throwing Distance.

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